Important Notice for our Customers

Moringa Oliefera products are approved for human consumption in most parts of the world including North America, Europe and Asia however FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) has it currently listed as a Novel food. This means that Moringa Oliefera has not had a recognized history as a food in Australia or New Zealand.
We are currently preparing a case for Moringa Oliefera to be removed from this list as we believe that the products have a well documented history of use by Australians who originate from the sub-continent, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Until FSANZ approve the product for use as a food it cannot be sold as a food or nutritional supplement for people in our country.
However we can sell you non human nutritional items and supplements. The Australian Department of agriculture, fisheries & forestry report on Moringa, states that, because of its richness in nutrients, it can, and is, being widely used for forage & nutritious food for animals from poultry to cattle as well as for medicinal treatments for vast ranges of ailments.
We assure you that our products are always manufactured to USDA standards.